Chahar & Chahar Shipping Co. Private Limited

Notice for Seafarer


Crew Management & Recruitment Process

For the Principle shall be performed by the Chahar Shipping Co. through:
1. We have large no of database of Deck Officer, Engineers & Ratings.
2. The security of biographical data and service records.
3. Personal interviews using the Principal’s set format or own format.
4. Verification of service records, testimonials and references.
5. An evaluation using a computer based training assessment system/program: if available.
6. Prior to any Officer being recruited, the details of each shall be conveyed to the Principal’s Fleet Manning Department.
7. Relevant competency certificates, certificates confirming attendance of / completion of relevant or mandatory training courses, and such other certificates specified by the Principal from time to time.
8. Documents, which may be required by any Port of Flag state.
9. Records of previous employment.
10. Drug and Alcohol Test result, where applicable.
11. Passport and Seamen’s book.
12. Medical Fitness certificates and records of vaccinations.
13. Such other certificates as may be specified by the Principal.
14. The Principal, based on the information provided by the Chahar Shipping Co. shall give the final approval and assignments of officers.
15. New appointments or promotions to Senior Officer Ranks may only be made with the prior approval of the Principal.
16. Each officer must be duly certified for the position assigned in accordance with the relevant Flag State requirements.
17. Each officer must hold certificates valid under the IMO Convention on Standards of Training, Certificate and Watch keeping (“STCW”) for Seafarers 1978, as amended in 1995 (STCW95).
18. The Chahar Shipping Co. shall endeavor to recruit officers of age groups which commensurate with their positions onbroad.