Chahar & Chahar Shipping Co. Private Limited

Notice for Seafarer


Basic Obligation as Crew Manning Agent

1. The Chahar & Chahar Shipping Co. (as agent for the Principal) acting on behalf of the Principal shall be responsible for the selection, recruitment, medical examination, training and placement of Officers & Ratings for the Principal. Such services shall be provided in close connection with the Principal’s Fleet Manning Department and in accordance with the Principal’s guidelines and procedures.

2. The Chahar & Chahar Shipping Co. agrees to provide the Principal with information on personal data of all the officers recruited via the Chahar Shipping Co. and other such information as may be required by the Principal.

3. The Chahar & Chahar Shipping Co. agrees to maintain comprehensive and systematic records of officers recruited and serving with the Principal, files and other documents as needed to carry out its agency functions as provided for in the Agreements and to support and substantiate all disbursements.

4. The Chahar & Chahar Shipping Co. agrees to the Principal’s right to audit such files, records and documents, as provided for in this Agreement, and the Chahar Shipping Co. agrees to preserve such records, files and documents, in good order and all times ready for inspection by the Principle or its authorized representative if/when the need arises.

5. It is agreed that in the event of termination of this Agreement, for whatever case, The Chahar Shipping Co. will make freely available all the said records, files and documents; provided that the Principle shall exercise the same within one (1) year from the date of termination of the contract.

6. The Chahar & Chahar Shipping Co. shall exercise due diligence and reasonable effort in maintaining a “pool” of officers for the Principal with the objective of achieving a good “return rate” of repeat officers assigned to the Principal’s vessels.