Chahar & Chahar Shipping offers hands-on Marine Catering to the on-board requirements of your officers and crew's welfare. We never turn our backs when we see something below standard, instead seeing the value in nullifying the issue immediately so correct procedures can be implemented in a more effective direction.

From serving seafarers on merchant fleets and cargo vessels to ensuring guests aboard cruise liners and luxury yachts enjoy a 5-star dining experience, Chahar & Chahar Shipping provides a diverse range of services to satisfy and exceed the expectations of Shipowner,Ship Manager,Seafarers, crew and passengers alike.

Whether you need Marine Catering for your merchant fleets and cargo vessels or for your luxury yacht with a finer dining experience, Chahar & Chahar Shipping can meet your needs. With over 10 years of experience Chahar & Chahar Shipping are the leading suppliers of Marine Catering Services in the industry.

We understand that Marine Catering Services can be expensive and require controlled budgets. That's why regardless of who you are catering for, be it your team or customers, we aim to keep costs low whilst maintaining a high standard. We ensure that our Marine Catering Services personal team have the expertise to deliver freshly prepared meals meeting all MLC standards.

For all Catering vacancies please send your CV to

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